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Vimeo is a video sharing platform for high quality videos with over 14 million registered members. Over 85 million people per month watch videos on Vimeo, ranking it in the top 200 of the most visited websites in the world.

Visitors to Vimeo can watch and discover videos in a variety of ways, including Staff Picks, Categories, Channels, Groups, Movies, and Couch Mode:

Vimeo Staff Picks are videos which are given special mention on the site. They are hand-selected by Vimeo employees Andrea Allen, Katie Armstrong, Jeremy Boxer, Jordan McGarry, Sam Morrill, Matt Schwarz, Jason Sondhi, and Blake Whitman.

Vimeo Categories offer a way to browse every public video that exists on Vimeo. The main categories are Activism, Animation, Art, Comedy, Education and DIY, Everyday Life, Experimental, Films, HD, Music, Nature, Products, Science and Tech, Sports, Travel and Events, Vimeo Projects, and Web Series.

Vimeo Channels are groups of videos sorted into common themes and moderated by users. There are over 390,000 different Vimeo Channels to subscribe to. Some of the most popular channels are Documentary Film, Everything Animated, Nice Type, Film School, Photography School, and Music Videos.

Vimeo Groups allow users who enjoy the same types of videos to join together and communicate. Short Films, Music Videographers, Motion Graphic Artists, Stop Motion, HD Extreme Sports, HD Travel Videos, are 3D Animation are a few of the most active Vimeo Groups.

Vimeo Movies are premium, full-length, pay-to-view movies. Prices range from $5 to $9 and some movies limited to certain countries. Vimeo Movies include Beauty is Embarrassing, Jeremy Jones' Further, Shut Up and Play the Hits, Sons of the Clouds, Sunny, and We Are Legion.

Vimeo Couch Mode is an interface for viewing videos from your account in a full-screen, TV/remote optimized setting.

Anyone can sign up for a free Vimeo account to create, upload, and improve videos. Vimeo has several features geared toward video creators, including Video School, Music Store, Enhancer, Tip Jar, and Pay-to-View:

Vimeo Video School is the place where a video creator with any level of experience, from novice to advanced, can learn how to create better videos. Vimeo Lessons, created by staff, and Vimeo Tutorials, uploaded by other users, provide knowledge on the following topics: Behind the Scenes, Do it Yourself, DSLR, Editing, Gear, Lighting, Shooting, Software, and Sound.

Vimeo Music Store has over 3,500 music tracks you can license to put in your videos. Search by genre, mood, tempo, instrumentation, and duration. Tracks from the Free Music Archive can be used at no cost, while tracks from Audiosocket and SmartSound cost $1.99 for personal use.

Vimeo Enhancer gives the user the ability to enhance their videos by adding visual effects, called Looks, and soundtracks from the Music Store. Vimeo Looks range from simple color overlays to amazing visual effects. Simply select your video, apply a Look and adjust the strength, add tracks downloaded from the Music Store and adjust the volume, and your enhanced video will be ready in seconds.

Vimeo Tip Jar allows users to collect cash tips in appreciation of their uploaded videos. Anyone with a credit card or PayPal account can leave a tip of $1 on up to $500. There is a 15% fee when cashing out your tips.

Vimeo Pay-to-View is another way, other than tips, to make money with your videos. Offer your video on Vimeo Pay-to-View and set the price you want to charge viewers. Deliver your work straight to your audience with no distributor to deal with! This feature is currently in beta.


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